Riadh Salhi (age 25)

Simon is a fantastic driving instructor; I would highly recommend giving him a call. Not only are his lessons affordable, but he is a genuine and friendly guy who makes you feel safe, comfortable and confident throughout all stages of learning. I passed my test first time and was only able to do that because of Simon. He prepared me for every eventuality that could happen on a test and I feel that without his help and experience I would still be learning.”

Riadh Salhi (age 25) passed first time on the 22/12/2011 after 35 hours of lessons with no other experience.

Grace King (age 18)

“After doing 30 hours with another instructor I felt there was something wrong and that I could not drive. I called Simon after a friend recommended him, he assessed my driving and was shocked that I’d had 30 hours of lessons. Within a few lessons I was improving fast and understanding a lot more. Simon had me driving in no time at all. He was patient and made sure I understood every little detail.”

Grace King (age 18)

Sonny (age 18)

“Simon is a great driving instructor and I enjoyed all my lessons. I always felt safe and comfortable and always developed from the following lesson.”