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“After doing 30 hours with another instructor I felt there was something wrong and that I could not drive. I called Simon after a friend recommended him, he assessed my driving and was shocked that I’d had 30 hours of lessons. Within a few lessons I was improving fast and understanding a lot more. Simon had me driving in no time at all. He was patient and made sure I understood every little detail.”


Once you get started with SRDS you should expect to:

We can arrange driving lessons for you in Herne Bay, Whitstable, Canterbury and the surrounding areas.

At SRDS our philosophy is simple; we’ll help you to pass safely, quickly and for the least amount of money.

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Checks to make before booking a driving lesson

Firstly, Make sure that you have a fully qualified driving instructor.

It will take more lessons with a trainee driving instructor than with a fully qualified professional and they will probably charge the same price. The way to ensure that you're getting the best instructor is to make sure that they are displaying a licence to teach in their front windscreen.  If their licence is green, then the instructor is fully qualified but if it is pink, then your instructor is a trainee.

Secondly, don’t always go with the cheapest driving lessons

Whilst SRDS offers competitive pricing that, most of the time, is cheaper than our competitors, there are cheaper instructors. What you need to ensure is that you are getting what you expect from your lessons.  Some instructors may not give you the time or quality of service that you would want and you could end up spending more time sat at the side of the road talking than actually driving. At SRDS, we'll have you driving as much as we can because we believe that this is the best way for you to learn.   

Thirdly, Avoid national or large Driving Schools.

Self employed driving instructors have a reputation to maintain whereas the larger companies often give less and charge more. They churn and burn through pupils because they can always get more. As a small company, we value you as a customer and guarantee to give you the best possible service every time you step into our car.

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