Driving lessons


Q. What will I need to bring with me on my first lesson?

A. Just the two parts of your license. The photo card and green counterpart paper.

Q. What if I can not find these documents?

A. Unfortunately, you are required by law to have both parts of your license and you can not do lessons or tests without these.

Q. Can I be collected from or dropped off at an address other than my home?

A. Yes – SRDS will Pick you up and drop you off anywhere in our covered areas without any additional charge so long as this is pre-arranged with your driving instructor. So if you need dropping at the train station, you want to incorporate your driving lessons with the drop off at school, college or work this will not be a problem.


Driving lessons


Q. How many hours will I need to pass my test?
A. The DSA (driving standards agency) statistics state that, on average, 48 hours of tuition is given to a pupil before they pass. We have been able to substantially reduce this meaning that you pay less to learn to drive. An average learner who learns with SRDS completes around 30 hours of lessons before passing their test and more than 60% pass their test first time.

Q. What is the average waiting time for a test?

A. The test waiting times can be between two and six weeks depending on the time of year.

Q. How do I book a test?

A. There are two ways to book your driving test. The first is to ring 08700 101 372 and follow the instructions. The second is to use the Internet by visiting www.direct.gov.uk. If you wish, at the time I can also book the tests for you for no extra charge.

Q. What test center(s) can I use?

A. There are two test centers in the area. One is in Herne Bay and the other is in Canterbury.

Q. What car will I use for my test?

A. Typically, you would use the car that you learned in during your lessons.

Q What is the Theory test?

A. You can take driving lessons before taking your theory test but before you can sit your practical driving test, you will need to pass the theory test.

The theory test involves answering multiple choice questions about information in the highway code. You will need to answer 43 out of 50 questions correctly to pass your theory test.

There is also a hazard perception part to this test. This involves you watching some video footage on a computer and clicking when a hazard develops. There are books and Cd’s to help you with your revision available from any good book store or on-line.

Q. What do I need to take with me for my theory test?

A. Just the two parts of your license. The photo card and green counterpart paper.

Q. What do I need to take with me for my practical test?

A. Both Parts of your license, Theory Certificate and your Test confirmation letter.

Driving lessons

Other FAQs

Q. Does SRDS offer learning with an automatic car.?

A. Unfortunately, we only teach driving lessons with manual gears. This type of driving is far more beneficial and will mean that you can drive any kind of vehicle in the future, manual or automatic.

Q. Who can accompany me for practice in my own car?

A. As long as you are insured on the vehicle any one who has held a full driving license for three years or more can accompany you.