Driving lessons


SRDS offers a variety of driving lessons in Canterbury from a one hour driving lesson to intensive courses and from refresher lessons to teaching trainee driving instructors.  As there are many driving instructors in Canterbury there are a few things to look out for when choosing your driving instructor.   

1)The first is that the driving instructor in Canterbury is fully qualified this will help you to pass more efficiently it will take more lessons with a trainee and they will probably charge the same price. The way you can do this your instructor should be displaying a license to teach in there front windscreen.  If this license is green this means they are fully qualified if it is pink they are a trainee  

2)Don’t always go with the cheap driving lessons in Canterbury as it may not be what you expect.  Some instructors may not give you the time or quality you expect or may just talk at the side of the road. Remember like every thing in life you get what you pay for.   

3)Don’t do you driving lessons in Canterbury with a big driving school. The self employed driving instructors has to live up to a reputation as to get work and the value for money is normally way better. 

Why Choose SRDS?

SRDS will Pick you up and drop you off anywhere in the area for your driving lessons in Canterbury (as long as this is pre-arranged with your driving instructor). We can meet you at the train station, drop you off at school, college or work and this will not be a problem.

We do not charge extra for evening or weekend driving lessons in Canterbury as we know that this is the only time you may have free. A lot of other driving schools in Canterbury will charge extra.  

Your driving lesson in Canterbury will be the amount of time you are expecting and no less. That’s a promise! 

The DSA (driving standards agency)  say that, on average, 48 hours of tuition is given to every pupil before they pass their test. I find my average amount of driving lessons in Canterbury that are needed to pass a test is about 30 Hours.  Out of 25 Pupils that took their driving lessons in Canterbury with us in 2011, 60% passed their test first time.  

SRDS can help you to get you up to 30% off your car insurance with our pass plus in Canterbury. 


Intensive Driving Course

We do all types of intensive driving lessons in Canterbury to suit your needs.  From as little as 2 or 3 lessons a week up to semi-intensive( where we could do ten hours in a week). We also have the full intensive driving course in Canterbury which includes 20 hours of driving lessons in a week.  Prices do not include your test but if you wish to do a test at the end of the course this should be arranged prior to starting. If payment is provided up front then we can book this test for you. Alternatively, you can book this yourself. Please note, you must have passed the theory test to do an intensive driving course in Canterbury and you will be required to have an assessment with SRDS prior to booking the intensive.

Gift Vouchers

We supply gift vouchers for our driving lessons in Canterbury that can be given as gifts. These can be supplied for any value or number of driving lessons.   If you refer another pupil to SRDS, once they have completed five hours of driving lessons in Canterbury, you will be given a £10 high street gift voucher as a 'thank you' from SRDS. This can be used in most national High Street chains. 

SRDS Taxi Training in Canterbury

To become a taxi driver you will need to do a test at a higher standard to the normal driving test. SRDS can give you this taxi training in Canterbury and help you pass with ease. Contact us for further information. 

Refresher driving lessons in Canterbury

Whether you have been in an accident or have just not driven for a long time we do refresher lessons in Canterbury to suit your needs. We know confidence is everything when you are on the road and lessons can be structured around the things you are less confident with. Contact us today and have a chat so that we can work something out to suit you.

PDI's (Potential Driving Instructor's)

SRDS do teach PDI’s (Potential driving instructor) call our friendly driving instructor and have a chat about your future.